Our Mission

The Fieldsport and Angling Society seeks the growth of sporting traditions and to encourage positive attitudes towards such traditions within the law school and in society as a whole. We seek to maintain an approachable atmosphere that encourages interested students to learn with us about these safe and enjoyable outdoor pastimes. We encourage the responsible use and protection of watersheds, forests, and farmlands. We enjoy and embrace our role as a steward of and active participant in the natural world. We recognize the equal dangers posed to sporting traditions by irresponsible practitioners and also by misinformed opponents of our traditions. As such, our primary goal is education through responsible model behavior and dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship, safety, fair chase, respect for private property, conservation and transmission of tradition.

Interested in Getting Out?

We get together semi-regularly to shoot sporting clays at Quail Ridge. If you are interested in getting together for a round, drop us a line. We'll add you to the email list that goes around.

Additionally, we have several members who are avid anglers who would be happy to get a line wet.

Contact us at FieldsportandAngling At Gmail Dot Com
News and Events

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blue Ridge Shooter's Club

I was recently directed to the webpage for the Blue Ridge Shooter’s Club. If anyone is looking to join a local gun club with 100 yard and 25 yard ranges and a trap setup, this might be the place for you. I understand that student memberships are available, you can get a discounted NRA membership, and there appears to be an active Cowboy Action Shooting club in operation. Head over to the website and drop them a line if you’re interested. A link will be added to the Fieldsport and Angling website.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hunter Education in Virginia

As you may already know, first time hunters in Virginia must have taken a hunter's education course before they can buy a hunting license. If you are interested in learning to hunt, take the time to enroll in one of these classes. You'll learn the basic rules and regulations to keep you safe and legal in Virginia, and your certification is valid in all U.S. and Mexican states and Canadian provinces. It's a pretty good deal for a weekend of your time and you might get to meet some nice folks.

There is no charge for the Hunter Education class. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has a class locater on their website, and it looks like there are two available classes over the next two weeks for those interested.

Don't forget to send in your sporting life pictures and local services flyers/brochures for the bulletin board.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bulletin Board

There comes a time in every organization's first year when it must tear down the edifice of the past (in this case, some PAT BAR prep course materials) and build for the future. The Fieldsport and Angling Society Bulletin Board is in a sorry state, for which I must apologize. To remedy this, I would appreciate it if you could send photos of yourselves engaging in the interests that led you to join this organization. Photos of members on fishing trips, members busting clays, members posing with 85 pound Mekong Catfish, and, of course, any compositions involving tweed would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I'm just going to post some pretty pictures from last month's Gray's Sporting Journal.

I would also like to have brochures from local sporting businesses. I've already picked up a short stack from the Glorious Twelfth. If you know of a local range, shop, or guide service, ask them for a stack of flyers to help fill our role as an introductory path to participation in local sporting opportunities.

Speaking of the Glorious Twelfth, when I grabbed the stack of brochures, I found out that they have a Ladies' Group that meets once a month. If you are or know of a lady into shooting, you might want to give them a ring to find out what it's about. It sounds like a fund way to get out and shoot without having to deal with a bunch of dudes ruining the atmosphere.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Activities Fair and Budget

The 1L Activities Fair this Friday was a success, despite the total lack of table swag. Our mailing list has grown to 29 people, including folks who have been shooting and fishing their whole lives and folks who've never fired a gun or wet a line. We're all looking forward to an active and enjoyable year.

Earlier in the week, several of the officers met with the SBA regarding our budget for the upcoming year. As a new club, we are likely to receive a flat budget of $500, along with another $100 for lively beverages. I'll post here when it becomes official. It's not much, but I think we can achieve some of our activities goals and show that we are worthy of a larger budget in years to come.